How New Technologies Can Support HR Recruitment, Retention, Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Research shows that more diverse companies are better able to win top talent, improve customer orientation and achieve greater success than companies without a focus on diversity. Take advantage of new technologies by helping the business design flexible and remote work programs to recruit the best candidates, including veterans and disabled workers, while retaining your best employees who may have stressful commutes, job burnout or are ready to retire.

Participants are required to do pre-work assessing their teams or the business areas they support to make this workshop interactive and meaningful.

New Technology, Does It Measure Up?

This workshop helps your HR team understand key human resource and business metrics for a mobile work environment and steps for developing an executive level dashboard for senior leaders to gauge impact and measure success.

How to Maintain Employee Engagement with the Adoption of New Technologies Supporting Remote Work

This interactive workshop addresses the adoption of new technologies and their impact on employee engagement. Common issues experienced by a remote workforce with an increased reliance on communications-based work processes are addressed. Participants learn to build a multi-modal communication plan within their own teams, and explore the policies, procedures and management competencies required to strengthen engagement among distributed employees.

Workshops – Program Outline

  • Half-day Interactive Workshops (approximately 3 hours)
  • Select one of three session, at one location up to 30 participants
  • Select all three sessions, at one location during the same week, up to 30 participants

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