Using Remote Work Programs to Support and Increase Your Disabled and Veteran Workforce

Many employers with federal contracts have been given the goal of having their workforce consist of at least 7% of people with disabilities according to RA Section 503 rules. These rules strengthen the enforcement of the ADA and establish new employer requirements around recruiting, hiring and accommodating individuals with disabilities.

Flexwork Global works with companies to revise processes, policies and procedures in ways that minimize barriers to equal opportunity in the workplace and increasing opportunities to hire and train veterans and individuals with disabilities by enabling work from home and flexible work arrangements.

Discovery With stakeholders, identify current processes and the technology requirements to complete day-to-day functions of specific roles within business areas
Process Review Document identified manual processes requiring change or automation and the technology required to enable remote work options
Identify Provide business areas with an evaluation template to identify job functions suitable for specific work type options. Review policies and procedures to accompany processes and determine adjustments as needed. Evaluate training programs to determine ways they can be conducted remotely.
Design Develop recommendations for redesigning processes that leverage collaborative technologies to maximize remote work availability. Design necessary policy and procedure changes that dovetail with process redesign. Identify new or enhanced automated training programs that meet needs of all employees working remotely.
Engage and Launch Present findings and recommendations to stakeholders to increase remote work options for disabled employees.

Using Remote Work Programs to Support and Increase Your Disabled and Veteran Workforce – Program Outline

  • Discovery session with business areas
  • Flexwork Global process redesign review and documentation
  • Recommendation session with business areas

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