Many organizations are challenged by the need to train employees who both manage and work in distributed teams. Changes in the work environment or work arrangements require leaders and employees to build competencies to manage assignments, strengthen communications, track outcome metrics, and leverage tools – common skills found in successful flexible and remote teams.

Flexwork Global offers companies a training curriculum that focuses on the relationships, tools and processes impacted by a mobile workplace and the behaviors needed to accommodate shifts in how, when and where employees work. We deliver this training or provide your learning and development team with a custom curriculum. Our training modules help companies in the following ways:

  • Our Leading Remote Team module gives participants the tools and skills to manage a high-performing, dispersed work team, including how to help build trust and cohesion, set expectations, communicate and collaborate effectively, and measure success.
  • Our interactive course for employees provides ideas and techniques to help build relationships from a distance, set up productive remote offices, lead video or conference calls, manage conflict, use collaboration tools effectively and stay aligned with supervisors and teams.

Flexwork Global can also work with your organization to develop customized focused solutions on specific topics that most impact your organization’s performance.

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