The Virtual Workplace: An Employee Roadmap

Equip Your Employees With the Tools and Skills Necessary for Successful Remote Working

Employees can now work almost anywhere whether it’s a home office, temporary work site, shared office space or other location. Working remotely or working with other employees that work remotely requires us to think differently about building relationships, communicating, and collaborating. This half-day interactive course gives participants the tools and skills to participate in a high-performing dispersed work team. Numerous ideas and techniques will be presented to help employees set up their home office, lead video or conference calls, build relationships, manage conflict, use collaboration tools and stay aligned with supervisors.

Objectives / Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the transition to a remote work environment
  • Understanding common challenges of working remotely and the strategies and techniques to overcome them
  • Develop strategies that establish trust between a remote worker and their manager and coworkers/colleagues
  • Learn how to set up a productive home office environment and how to manage distractions while working from home
  • Understand how to leverage enterprise tools to increase productivity, foster teamwork and improve communication


Intended for all employees, whether they work remotely or work with other remote employees.

What You Will Receive

With the purchase of this course, instructors will have training-in-a-box that includes slideware for use in a half-day workshop (can be condensed if necessary) with detailed notes and handouts. In-person classes hosted by external third parties can cost your organization thousands of dollars – per class! By purchasing the course material your internal trainers can provide immediate training. The download is in PowerPoint format and can be customized or edited to fit your organization’s needs. Your ROI can be significant and impact your organization after the first training session.

The Virtual Workplace: An Employee Roadmap Includes:

  • Slideware for a half-day course
  • Comprehensive speaker notes
  • Student worksheets / exercises

Reduce Your Training Costs!

Download our comprehensive course materials, customize them to meet any specialized requirements, and offer the class within your organization as many times as you'd like – all for one low fee of $995

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The Virtual Workplace: An Employee Roadmap
Is Available for Immediate Download For Just $995

Note: Use of this website and its materials and content signifies your agreement to our Terms and Conditions.