The Remote Working Policies and Forms Package

A Set of 10 Policy Templates To Help You Smoothly Transition Your Organization to Remote Working

Your workplace is changing and employees are now working offsite from a home office, remote location, or coffee shop. This new work environment brings new challenges. Is your organization keeping up? Are your policies up-to-date, and do they reflect how employees work? Remote working touches on many different topics including how employees use their equipment or access data. Our remote working templates provide examples of policies and other helpful forms your organization needs now or in the near future.

What’s Included in Remote Working Policies?

  1. Acceptable Use Policy
    Outlines the appropriate and inappropriate use of resources, including systems, browsers, electronic mail, instant messaging, webcams, cameras and file uploads and downloads, regardless of physical location, used to conduct your business operations.
  2. Clean Desk Policy
    Helps ensure compliance with federal and state privacy and security regulations, while also supporting a culture of security and trust
  3. Data Classification Policy
    Provides guidance for determining the importance of information and assigning appropriate guidelines to ensure its availability, integrity, and confidentiality
  4. Equipment Policy
    Provides guidance on company provided equipment employees may expect to receive based on job designation
  1. Remote Printing Policy
    Provides an example of which employees may print remotely based on employee type/description
  2. Secure Workplace Policy
    Outlines the requirements to define a secure workplace that is acceptable for use while engaging in business operations
  3. Remote Working Policy
    Outlines the criteria for remote working
  4. Remote Working Request Form
  5. Remote Working Agreement
  6. Leader Questionnaire

The Remote Working Policies and Forms Package
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