Process Redesign

As companies work to reduce their real estate footprint, consolidate offices, ease commutes and provide the flexibility employees demand, work processes need to be reviewed and redesigned. “Because we’ve always done it that way” is a sentiment that undermines security and overlooks competitive differentiation in the marketplace. With expertise in process engineering (Lean Six Sigma), Flexwork Global facilitates sessions with employees and leaders to examine existing processes to design an improved end state that effectively incorporates new technology and work practices to achieve better results.

Discovery With stakeholders, identify current processes and the technology requirements to complete day to day functions of the department
Process Review Document identified manual processes which need to change or be automated and the technology required to enable remote work options. Identify processes where automation is not an option and functions must be performed on site.
Identify Provide business areas with an evaluation template to identify job functions and suitable employees.
Design Develop recommendations for process redesign to maximize remote work availability based upon discovery meeting and completed evaluation template.
Engage and Launch Present findings and recommendations to stakeholders to enable remote work options where feasible.

Process Redesign – Program Outline

  • Discovery session with business areas
  • Conduct Catalyst Event (similar to Kaizen or GE-style Work Out sessions)
  • Flexwork Global process redesign review and documentation
  • Recommendation session with business areas

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