Comprehensive policies and procedures designed to establish mobile work and mobile device management compliance are essential to mitigate business risks and ensure employees are safe and a company’s assets are secure. Written policies let employees know what is expected of them, provide consistency from management and help define a company’s guiding principles.

Introducing new technology and changing the way and where people work raises many questions among leaders and employees. Workplaces are changing as employees work beyond the walls of a company from home offices, remote locations, while traveling or in coffee shops – many times on their own devices. The speed at which devices and applications are introduced into the workplace often outpace updates required to corporate policies. Policies must be updated or created to guide employees on acceptable use of those devices and applications to conduct work safely and securely while meeting business needs.

Is your organization keeping up? Are your policies current and do they reflect how and where employees work? Flexwork Global offers the most current customizable policies that will help you govern the use of newly acquired technology or changes in the workplace and work practices. Our remote working templates provide examples of seven different policies your organization needs including:

  • Acceptable Use
  • Clean Desk
  • Data Classification
  • Equipment
  • Secure Workplace
  • Remote Working
  • Remote Printing

Flexwork Global also works directly with leaders to create new policies or review and revise existing policies that often differ across lines of business.

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