Policy and Document Review/Development

New technologies have changed the way we work, raising new risks and challenges for companies and their employees. The speed at which devices are introduced into the workplace often outpaces required updates to corporate policies, procedures and handbooks that guide employee mobility. Developing and communicating clear policy documents is critical to ensure an effective, safe and secure mobile workforce. Flexwork Global works with leaders to design policies that govern the use of technology and changes in work practices and to create documents that communicate them to the organization.

Discovery With stakeholders (HR, Legal, Compliance, IT), understand company objectives regarding remote work and tools and technology requirements.
Policy Audit Review Review current policy documents (up to 10 documents) to ensure that policies effectively govern the use of technology and changes in work practices.
Identify Consult with policy owners in the creation of new policies to strengthen mobile work and mobile device management compliance, ensuring employees are working in a safe environment, regardless of location, and your company assets are secure.
Design Develop a standardized policy and procedure manual for remote work to include revised and new policies that ensure leaders and employees understand the requirements of working remotely while they stay engaged with the company.
Engage and Launch Develop a remote work agreement to ensure employees understand and attest to the requirements of working in a remote location.

Policy and Document Review/Development – Program Outline

  • Discovery Session with Stakeholders
  • Policy review– up to 10 documents
  • Consultation with policy owners - as needed
  • Manual or handbook development or consultation for updates
  • Remote work agreement development

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