Engaging a Mobile Workforce Training

Leaders are challenged with creating a workplace that taps the strengths and skills of team members across geographic boundaries while embracing technologies that enable remote workers to thrive. This learning program is designed for leaders to focus on the relationships, tools and processes impacted by leveraging new collaboration technology and behaviors that drive shifts in how, when and where employees work.

Discovery Identify and recruit talent best-suited for remote work and help current team members develop needed competencies to address the complexities of blended work teams, balancing the perceptions, working styles, and communication needs of a distributed workforce.
Tools Enablement Learn how to fully leverage collaboration tools to ensure regular, effective, and secure communications among distributed team members, ensuring optimal productivity and fostering trust.
Best Practices Understand how to manage performance at a distance, deliver feedback, and mitigate conflict, essential competencies of distributed team leaders. Learn how high-performing teams leverage tools effectively and understand how communication-based work processes keep team members aligned, motivated, and working in sync.

Engaging a Mobile Workforce Training – Program Outline

  • Needs Assessment and Requirements Gathering
  • Leading and Managing High Performance Teams – Delivery of 10 learning sessions/modules (up to 30 leaders per session)

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