Strong employee engagement is vital for employees to work to the best of their abilities and for a company to reach long term success. Over the past 15 years of Gallup polls, employee engagement is consistently below 33%. What are the engagement scores for your organization? Are you concerned about employee engagement among your distributed workforce? Are you using your remote work program to attract and retain talent?

At Flexwork Global we design and implement an appropriate engagement approach for your organization in the following ways:

  • Recruitment and Retention – are you recruiting the right employees with an aptitude for remote working? We provide guidance on candidate selection to ensure organizations create the right bench strength from the beginning.
  • Engagement Assessment – what is the current level of engagement in your organization? We assess and analyze current levels of engagement.
  • Recognition Initiatives – recognition is more than just rewarding behavior – it’s about creating a system where performance can be measured, monitored, and replicated across the employee base to strengthen engagement.
  • Leadership Training – one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement is leadership behavior. We help train and coach leaders to lead high performing distributed teams.
  • Change Management – Implementing a remote/mobile work program requires employees to move out of comfort zones, a transition that can be disruptive to the organization. We design a comprehensive change management plan to ensure implementation is done effectively without adverse impacts to the business.

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