Process Improvement in the Virtual Workplace, Part 2

In part 1 last week, I described a check request process involving several approvers and a manual workflow that relied on the company’s intra-company mail.  With employees no longer co-located in the same office building, a virtual process needs to be created.  The old process is shown below (I have spared you my bad drawing[…]

You’ve Kicked Everyone Out of the Office. Now What?

Process Improvement in the Virtual Workplace, Part 1 Organizations implement telework programs for various reasons, from saving real estate costs to improving employee satisfaction.  However, very few think about how processes may be affected once employees are dispersed or working from home.  There’s an opportunity to leverage the virtual environment to improve old processes and[…]

Welcome to the New Office Environment: Hoteling and Hot Desking

One of the driving factors for organizations to adopt telework is to reduce costs.  Specifically, real estate costs.  If employees are mobile or working from home on a frequent basis, then why do they need a permanent office or cubicle?  By consolidating and creating shared workspaces, organizations can reduce overall office space.  This new office[…]