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Tips On Leading A Meeting With Remote Participants

Meetings where some or all of the participants are working remotely are a fact of life; follow these tips to keep your meetings on track and productive.

Remote Workforce Strategy: Creating Strategy Maps

Crafting a strategy is important for any organization. The strategy map tool is an easy-to-use aid that can help your organization determine its priorities and develop its strategy. Strategy maps can also be used to align the organization’s remote workforce initiatives to ensure it supports organizational objectives.

Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities with the RACI

A successful project, whether it is a remote work initiative or other IT project, requires a team effort. Team members must clearly understand their roles and responsibilities to meet project objectives. Creating a responsibility grid, or RACI, is an easy and effective way to visually display everyone’s roles for each specific task or activity involved in the project.

Leader Questions for Discussing Remote Work Type

Determine if an employee is a good candidate for remote work.