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E-Guide: Job Scenario Tool

According to a 2015 Gallup poll, only 32% of US workers are engaged. How can organizations get the most out of their employees and improve employee engagement? Although employee engagement is impacted by many different factors, one key component is the perception employees have about the importance of their jobs in relation to the overall success of the company. If an employee thinks their job is important, and helping to further the company’s goals, then the employee is more likely to be engaged.

One simple tool leaders can use is the Job Scenario Tool™. This tool links an individual’s job role and to the overall company objectives by looking at scenarios when an employee performs their job exceptionally well and when the employee fails to meet individual objectives. The consequences of those scenarios are then expanded to understand what the impacts would be to the team or department and then ultimately to the entire business.

This e-guide walks you through the Job Scenario Tool step-by-step, providing real-world examples and a workbook that can be used if using this e-guide in conjunction with a training class or during one-on-one coaching sessions.

Price: $9.99