Business Continuity Planning

Blizzards, floods, hurricanes and even terrorism are all frightening experiences that can stop business in its tracks. Many leaders know the importance of continuity of operations planning (COOP), yet discussions often center around facilities and IT infrastructure. These plans often overlook the fact that people, not just equipment, keep the business running.

Flexwork Global works with companies to establish policies and procedures ensuring employees can safely and securely work remotely. A strong remote work program is vital to a viable business continuity program.

Discovery With stakeholders (HR, Legal, Compliance, IT & Real Estate), understand company objectives regarding business continuity and technology requirements
Policy Audit Review Review current policy documents as available to ensure the most appropriate policies and procedures define the requirements of work during building closures
Identify Consult with business areas that must remain open during building closures to outline the policy, process, and technology required to execute a remote work strategy for on-site workers during a building closure. Revise and create policies as needed to strengthen mobile work and mobile device management compliance, ensuring employees are working in a safe and secure remote environment.
Design Develop a standardized policy and procedure manual for remote work to include revised and new policies ensuring leaders and employees understand the requirements of working remotely during a building closure.
Engage and Launch Develop a remote work agreement to ensure all employees understand and attest to the requirements of working in a remote location.

Business Continuity Planning – Program Outline

  • Discovery Session with Stakeholders
  • Business Continuity Policy review
  • Consultation with policy owner, IT and Real Estate Leaders – as needed
  • Manual or handbook and agreement development or consultation for updates

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