The Gravitational Pull of Enterprise Collaboration

I attended the Enterprise 2.0 Conference this past week in Boston. My interest in the evolution of collaborative tools is longstanding, reaches back to managing distributed teams and the variety of tools I’ve used to facilitate virtual work. The ability to harness technology in a way to produce work more efficiently has been evolving quickly, and ways[…]

Corporate Learning and Development and the Global War for Talent

I recently had an opportunity to hear a great presenter, Dave Wilkins from Taleo Research speak about the Global War for Talent. His presentation focused on what companies need in order to successfully compete in business today and the future: agile, global, skilled employees. How many of us are ready for Talent 2.0? We’ve all heard of[…]

Google Office

Do Virtual Teams Foster Creativity and Innovation?

I attended a CoreNet Global New England Chapter event in Boston that featured Google’s Facility Director, Adam Lutz, from their New York office. The presentation, meeting the needs of diverse work styles, highlighted Google’s New York office approach to office design by emphasizing collaborative team planning.  What resonated with me is challenging ideals of what office[…]