We transform how and where employees work

Our focus

Designing solutions around the four pillars of workforce and workplace transformation

Workforce Assessment, Workforce Audit, Pilot Initiatives, Metrics and Dashboards


Mobile Work Agreements, Procedures and Governance, Technology Requirements


Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Modules, Global Workforce Leadership Development


Employee Engagement, Recruiting and Recognition Initiatives, Change Management

A Mobile Workforce

We believe having a strong flexible work strategy and formalized mobile work program strengthens a company’s culture of innovation and engagement. Strategy provides a roadmap and structure provides guidance to leadership and employees enabling work to be done efficiently, effectively, safely and securely.

We partner with companies to transform how and where people work by bringing innovative thinking and best practices to meet the needs of a growing distributed workforce. Our products and services help companies design, implement and manage a flexible work strategy and workforce around four pillars of workplace transformation: strategy, policy, training and engagement.

Our team has extensive experience leading global teams and managing large-scale organizational change across multiple lines of business in the corporate environment. Let us help you map your strategy to success.

  • "By 2020, mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters of the total U.S. workforce."

    -International Data Corporation U.S. Mobile Worker Forecast, 2015-2020

Flexwork Global Products

Our DIY Training Modules, Valuable E-Guides, and Free Resources Help You Easily Manage Your Transition To A Mobile Workplace

Our Team

Emily Klein
Emily Klein has extensive experience in strategy and organization development and helps companies achieve success by designing strategic workforce initiatives that strengthen mobility across the enterprise, achieve cost avoidance and build high performance teams.
Jason Morwick
Jason Morwick is an experienced mobile worker, author, and consultant, who helps organizations achieve higher levels of performance through flexible work programs and business process improvement.
Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly has extensive innovative leadership experience in remote work programs specializing in helping businesses establish an efficient, effective, safe, and secure remote workforce.


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