The Future of Flexible Work

Our focus

We partner with organizations to create thriving mobile workplaces.

Business Case Development, Workforce Assessment, Workforce Audit, Pilot Initiatives


Mobile Work Agreements, Procedures and Governance, Technology Requirements


Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Modules, Global Workforce Leadership Development


Employee Engagement, Recruiting and Recognition Initiatives, Change Management


A Mobile Workforce

Organizations are challenged with rethinking the use of corporate space and supporting a mobile workforce. Workplaces are being designed to create opportunities for more collaboration, innovation and productivity in ways that attract and retain top talent and accommodate desired work styles. This requires a different organization mindset where results oriented outcomes determine success. In creating an effective mobile workplace, leaders are challenged with:

  • Evolving organization culture issues that limit the adoption of a mobile workplace
  • Designing comprehensive mobile workforce or telework policies
  • Positioning telework and mobile work initiatives as strategic business imperatives
  • Establishing mobile workforce metrics linked to corporate, HR, IT and CRE goals
  • Investing in new tools and technologies to promote and enhance enterprise collaboration
  • Mitigating communication obstacles in distributed work environments
  • Understanding divergent needs of multigenerational teams
  • Creating high performing global teams

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Communication

Our Team

Emily Klein
Emily Klein is the Founder and Principal of Flextime Global, an organization that helps companies achieve success through designing mobile workplace initiatives that strengthen virtual workplaces and build high performing teams.
Jason Morwick
Jason Morwick is an experienced eWorker, author, and consultant, who helps organizations achieve higher levels of performance through flexible work programs and business process improvement.


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